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I'm Aldo D'Aquino


Born in Grosseto in 1995. I have a MSc in Computer Science at Pisa University, with a thesis about the Kubernetes Operators.

I program web applications for pleasure, and my favorite combo is Node.js and Docker.

I like finding out new things, trying new languages and discovering new technologies. I've participated to many hackathons and in my free time I like working on some open source projects.

Currently I'm interested in Kubernetes, Go, web performances and PWA.



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A lightweight cross-platform tool for serving content on SSL thanks to locally-trusted development certificates. It is very useful for testing Progressive Web Applications.

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The https-localhost porting in Go. The released executables doesn't have any requirements, just run it on every platform and test your static website.

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University projects

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My bachelor degree thesis. Pier is an easy tool to build webservers based on apache, nginx, WordPress, etc. in a few click by automating the website creation with docker containers.

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Ensuring Wellness with Energy Efficiency. A smart home system for user wellness that minimize the energy consumptions by learning the user habits.

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University group project: a web application to keep track of our fitness runs, challange our friends and see our fitness statistics. The aim was to learn how to split a monolith code in a microservice application. We used Python with Flask and Docker.

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University group project: a web app that describe a piece of art in front of you. The aim was to apply the AI knowledge to build a microservice web application. I worked in the information retrieval and web UI modules, using TypeScript, Svelte and Docker.

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